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About Syscoin

The Platform and its History

Brief overview

Syscoin provides trust-minimized interoperability, a scalable token platform effective for low-cost, fast microtransactions, and the proven security of bitcoin-core-compliance and SHA-256 merge mined Proof of Work. This combination provides tokens with unprecedented viability for effective decentralized means of exchange - a key property of money which digital assets can finally achieve.

Interoperability with Ethereum ERC-20

Ethereum Standard ERC-20 tokens inherit capabilities enabling means of exchange when they utilize Syscoin Bridge to leverage the Syscoin Token Platform for their simple value transfers. Syscoin Bridge provides two-way interoperability that enables a single user of Ethereum or Syscoin to conduct cross-chain transactions in a permissionless fashion without requiring counterparties or third-party liquidity providers. This also makes it possible for applications and users to leverage the best attributes of both platforms simultaneously.

The network

Syscoin Platform utilizes a network of masternodes as a source of bonded validators. Masternode owners receive seniority bonuses over their base reward. The Syscoin network at present consists of over 2,000 masternodes, numerous other Syscoin full nodes and Bridge Agent nodes. Each masternode/full node also operates an Ethereum Geth light node, and some Syscoin nodes operate Ethereum full nodes.


Syscoin Platform is a third generation decentralized blockchain and cryptocurrency which dates from its first mainnet release in 2014 to its latest major release in January of 2020. The purpose of the project is to develop and deliver solutions to challenges considered endemic across today's blockchain and fintech industries. Syscoin Platform and its solutions consist primarily of original source code. Its base is Bitcoin Core and also includes some elements of Dash source code.

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About Syscoin

The Platform and its History

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