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Syscoin 4.1 Testnet Q/A

What executables are running when running Syscoin 4?

If syscoind is started with default configuration, you should expect to see 3 processes running in the background. Namely syscoind, geth, and relayer

What is relayer?

Relayer is a light-weight app that subscribes to Geth and pushes blockheaders and syncing information to Syscoin core

Node is stuck at syncing!

First, look through your process list and ensure all 3 processes are still running. (syscoind, geth, relayer). If Geth or Relayer is missing, try running RPC command syscoin-cli syscoinstartgeth
Next, identify what is stuck at syncing. There's a few possibilities here:

1. Geth is not connected to peers.
2. relayer is not signalling syscoincore properly
3. masternode is not syncing

Updated 2 months ago

Syscoin 4.1 Testnet Q/A

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