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Syscoin 4.x Testnet

December 12, 2019

UPDATED: Dec 12, 2019
If you run a previous version of Syscoin. Please run the following

##### FOR LINUX USERS #####

# change directory to your syscoin repo
$ cd ~/syscoin
$ sudo make uninstall

# check if this file exist
$ ls /usr/local/bin/scrypt.node

# if it's still there, please remove it before upgrading
$ sudo rm -rf /usr/local/bin/scrypt.node

For Windows users:
Please go to %APPDATA% and find the syscoin directory. Remove the scrypt.node file before running the newest version

To access Syscoin 4.x testnet, use the latest commit on dev-4.x branch.

$ git clone
$ git checkout dev-4.x
$ ./ && ./configure && sudo make install

$ mkdir ~/.syscoin
$ vi .syscoin/syscoin.conf

Use the following config in syscoin.conf


Testing Direction

There are many moving parts in Syscoin 4.x, so here is a list of directions we can go into to test

Sanity Testing:

  1. Asset / assetallocation creation, transfer, send, syscoinburntoassetallocation
  2. Masternode

Bridge Testing:

  1. Syscoin Bridge Agent ( submitter / challenger )
    Please see

  2. assetallocation burn/mint (
    Please see

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Syscoin 4.x Testnet

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